-These are just a few questions you may have. 

We have no way of knowing exactly what is on your mind but would love to find out and see if we can help you make it happen.  for any questions you have that we have not already answered please call 9104092661 and we can respond during our business hours.

​- How far in advance should i book ?

The sooner you book the better.  By placing a deposit you locked in your entertainer, this obligates him to your location at your desired time.  so it is never to soon to book. Even if you are not sure on times and dates yet, give us a text and someone will call you back.  9104092661   info@malepartystripper.com or email with any questions and we will do our best to make this a fun and memorable evening.

​Here at Male Party Stripper / Bachelorette Dancer we take all of the guess work out of ordering an entertainer

- Who should i go with ?

There are many ways to go when reserving entertainment for an event. A great way and in most cases the most reliable way, word of mouth. In my opinion word of mouth is the best way to go, unfortunately we all don't know someone that can point us in the right direction. This leads us to doing what we are doing now, looking around on line.  Any website can say anything, so this is a though question to answer.  We are not recommending any way to choose, we do always have someone in the office during business hours for you to feel free to contact, TEXT and someone will call you back or text if you prefer. This way we can help point you in the right direction, if we are what you need, great.  If you are looking for a totally different type of service hopefully we can help get you in the right place.

The average price for a male dancer / entertainer is around 250$ for a 30 to 45 min show.  This may vary one way or the other depending on availability in your desired location.  There is a deposit of 100$ or 200$ to lock in your entertainer, the remainder is collected by the entertainer when he arrives.

​- How much should I spend ?​

Also there will always be an experienced rep. ready to answer any questions you may have to answer any questions you may have.

- How much should i spend ?

- How far in advance should i book ?

- Who should i go with ?

- These are some of the questions you are having ?